"All good things come to an end," yeah, I suppose that's true, but it doesn't mean that the next thing is inherently bad.  My time on the road has come to a close and I am now transitioning back into life on the farm in Alberta.  Were this me a few years ago I'd be telling you how it's a struggle to come back to the farm and start work after such a long time away, but it's not and a lot has changed since then.  Although I'm turning the page on a chapter of my life that was full of travel and adventure, I am about to start a chapter that, yes, contains a lot of work, but also will contain loads of opportunity to exercise my creativity.  And during those times when I'm in the seat of a tractor, I have a massive collection of photos from my adventures to look back on to remind me why I work those long hours.  Speaking of massive collections of photos, lets take a look back at my recent trip and some of the highlights.

It still amazes me when I look at all the places that I've been in the last three months.  Living out of my van opened up so many unique experiences and allowed me to really open myself up to different environments that I drove through.  My little Toyota Hiace van performed perfectly and never gave me any trouble.  All in all, the trip went off without a hitch.  

It's been interesting coming back to Canada after traveling all the way to the Southern tip of the Baja Peninsula; it's like a fog has lifted and I've realized how many exciting new exploration opportunities exist in my back yard, in my very own country.  You might think I'm crazy for saying this, but I was disinterested in exploring Canada for a little while.  I was so focused on exploring down South that BC forests and Alberta mountains didn't strike me as interesting.  While I was back home at my parents place in Alberta I did my best to get out into the mountains during the brief breaks in the rain.  I found places I had never seen in the 20 years of living in that area and they were just off of side roads I had driven by multiple times.  Now that I'm back on the farm for a large chunk of time I have the opportunity to do some short term trips into the Alberta Rockies to see what I can find there.  I've gained so much from my long term travels, but at the very least, my traveling has put in me a drive to explore local and gain a better understanding of the beauty that is within a few hours reach.

If you're reading this right now, you're one of the few that will be let into a little secret of mine that I've been keeping for the last few months.  I spoke of big plans to come as I prepare to travel for a year and then one day travel south to Patagonia.  Unfortunately Norton is not fit for these journeys as he is a little too small to store all that we need on a year-long trip, so I will be posting him up for sale soon and transitioning into something a little different.  But for now, I've made an exciting new purchase to facilitate my explorations while I work on the farm.  Here's to new adventures and new places.  Everyone...meet, Thomas.

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