When I left off I was sitting at a pool in the sun surrounded by old people doing water aerobics.  Well, that hasn't REALLY changed all that much since then.  We've stayed with Alison's parents in Sky Valley RV resort in Palm Springs for a few days.  This decision has turned out to be quite fruitful for us.  We've enjoyed pools, showers, wifi and the Hotel-CaliFarkash (Alison's parents large camper trailer).  From the Sky Valley Resort we were able to go on a number of excursions into the surrounding area including the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, Joshua Tree State Park and Steve's ATV rentals.  It's been a whirlwind of a week to say the least.  They certainly do provide a lot of cool stuff to do for those old snowbirds -- OK, OK...I know, we're doing the same thing so I can't rag on'em.  

FIrst, we hit up the aerial tramway, a Swiss-built aerial death contraption as I'm sure my mother in law would refer to it.  The floor of the tram rotates while ascending the mountain giving 360* views of the surrounding area while spanning vast cracks and fissures in the mountainside.  Mavis, my mother in law maintained a firm grip on the interior railing and made sure to never look away from the mountainside in fear that she may have a mental breakdown -- you go mom!  The tram ascends the mountain to a height of 8,516ft above sea level where the temperature can drop to 22*C lower than the desert floor, this would was solidly affirmed by the amount of snow at the top.  I got a chuckle from the stares I received as I passed people wearing snowsuits while I wore shorts, Canadian EH!

The following day we emerged from the resort and went to Joshua Tree Nation Park.  This was one hell of an experience!!  I could spend a lifetime in that park just taking pictures and shooting video, what a beautiful place.  There is so much to see between the interesting flora to awesome geographic formations.

You really have no idea how hard it was deliberating which pictures to post in this blog, there are so many!  Till next time...which will be tomorrow, more photos to edit.