Wow, time really does fly when you're having fun!  By this time we've stayed in Oceanside/ Encinitas, California for a week.  We've met fantastic people and made lasting friends, ridden bikes all over the place and survived the worst rainfall SoCal has seen in 4years. 

Alison signed us up on when my sleeping accommodations fell through for our stay in Encinitas.  We were quickly taken in by Mike, a world traveler himself with an affinity for kindly opening his home up to weary travelers.  Mike blessed us immensely by providing a bed to sleep in and a dry place to hide away as all of the San Diego area was flooded, seeing upwards of 6 inches of rain in three days.   In Mike's care we devoured some of the best sushi we've ever tasted and sipped on delicious $2 pints of Sculpin IPA from Ballast Breweries then moseyed on back to his place to enjoy a sit in his famous massage chair.  Good times were had.

Alison and her team attended a ride camp in Encinitas and did some pretty intense rides.  New team members were introduced and brought into the fold and hopefully a strong team dynamic has begun to cultivate.  I found some cool rides to do, but favored most the ride that was guided by Larissa Connors near Alpine called Noble Canyon.  Thus far Encinitas holds some pretty stellar riding and we've both begun to garner an appreciation for the area.

Alison and I left the comfort of Mike's pad the other day and set out for the mountains .  We had spotted a cool camp spot on the Sunrise Highway during our trip to Noble canyon the day before and so decided to go back there to sleep a night.  We enjoyed a relatively peaceful night then woke up to watch the sunrise (it's called the Sunrise Highway for a reason I suppose).  From there we continued over the mountains all the while feasting on the incredible views the highway had to offer.  As we descended we saw our surroundings quickly change from lush tree-covered slopes to dry, baron and rocky desert.  This is the point at which I became like a kid in a candy shop.  I've been dying to see true desert for so long and I was finally in it.  I just wanted to immerse myself in it and I also wanted to make sure that before we exited the mountains we would get off the concrete and spin the tires in some sand, so that's what we did.  A short drive off the highway it was like we were in the middle of nowhere with not a soul nearby.  We stopped and ate a small lunch snapped a few pictures and marveled at the foreign terrain surrounding us.

After a little deliberation we decided to head up to Palm Springs to do some visiting with our snow-birding parents before we head to Slab City.  So now, I sit pool-side in the sun with women doing aqua-cise classes in the water.  Slight change of scenery.