Adventures in Tahoe, CA.

As some may or may not know, Alison has gone pro as a cyclist.  As of 2015 Alison was signed on as a first year rider for team2016, an all women's Olympic development team.  Thus far Alison has been an exceptional asset for the team, claiming many victories at many different races.  This new pro status that Alison has worked so hard for comes with its challenges.  She is required to spend large quantities of time away from the mother land (Canada) and away from her hubby (Alex).  We've agreed as a couple that we will spend no more than three weeks apart and that at the end of each three week stint I will either go to her or she will come to me.  This last time it was my turn to go to Alison and thus traveled to Tahoe City, CA. 

Thanks to Julia and John, our friends from Marin County, CA we were able to stay in a beautiful cabin located in the Alpine Meadows near Lake Tahoe.  From there we had free reign of the area and adventured about.  Admittedly we beat the entire game of super mario 3d world on the Wii U. *shame faced* Our time was mostly spent relaxing with each other and enjoying our beautiful surroundings.  I was able to get out for a few rides with some of the locals and learned quickly that riding at altitude is really...really hard.  Oh ya, and it snowed on us!  Like a lot!  Overall it was a blast of a week and a great time to recuperate before a crazy planting season on the farm.