Since I have little to do at the moment while I seek refuge from the rain in Portland, OR, I'll take the time to fill you in on our adventures since we left Mora campground in La Push, WA, yesterday.  

After packing up we took a quick detour to Rialto Beach a few kilometers down the road from the campground.  Alison and I have a little bit of a history on this beach, so it was a welcome sight to see the crashing waves, high winds and sheets of falling rain.  The sheer power and violence of the ocean never ceases to amaze.  The waves crashing upon the beach were the kind of waves that create the riptides you hear about on TV, pulling people into the ocean and drowning them.  We watched as the water crashed up against logs bigger than our truck and moved them about as if they were twigs.  We played chicken with the rabid foam crested surf and often lost, getting our feet soaked as we hooted and hollered.  

From Rialto Beach we hit the road and proceeded to make the drive all the way into Astoria, Oregon.  We saw rain and high winds the entire way.  In Warrenton, OR (just south of Astoria) we found a Starbucks and soaked up the wifi while staying dry and sipping on coffee.  The rain quit long enough for Alison to make some dinner for us on the tailgate before we made our way back out in search of a campsite.  We decided that we wanted to camp for free thus spending the next hour skulking around Warrenton and Fort Stevens looking for a secluded nook to spend the night.  The decision was made and we settled on a beach spot after a few deep water crossings (did I mention it had been raining a lot?) that we figured would discourage others (ei. Rangers) from  seeking us out.  

Around 2am was when we both woke up as the tent was assaulted with storm rain and wind and we discovered the problem with being in a roof top tent in a relatively unsheltered area beside the ocean.  Oh well...not much to do but wait it out.  And for our efforts, we woke up wet.  We've concluded that if the rain doesn't settle down within the next day or two we're gonna high tail it down to California in search of dryer climate, because we're big babies.