Christmas has come and gone.  Alison and I traveled back home to Alberta, Canada for our family Christmas.  It was roughly -15*C while we were there, which wasn't so bad since the sun was out almost everyday save for the days it was snowing.  Christmas was rad, lots of fam-jam and ham...actually, no ham.

Arriving back in San Francisco last night we landed just as the sun was setting and can you believe it, it was dry!  We touched down just as the sun began to sink below the Pacific.  I was ecstatic as we stepped outside the SFO terminal into a balmy 13*C promising us warm, dry weather.  Thoughts of a morning ride at Tamarancho in the morning and a sunny drive the coast danced through my mind.  

Morning: Ohhhh, look...more rain.  I'll tell you this folks, I'm nearing the point of mental breakdown.  We came to California chasing the sunshine and warmth and have seen nothing but rain.  When I'm constantly wet I start to get easily frustrated with the tiny things like stuff not coming out of the back of the truck very easily, or the bikes not going on the roof rack very smoothly.  I could feel myself boiling up inside as we prepped the truck to go.  Our first stop was the iconic lookout over the Golden Gate Bridge.  Despite the rain, it was good to get out for a quick walk to the view point and take some photos.  

We snapped our pictures, then scurried back to the warmth of the truck.  We began to make our way along Hwy 1 towards Santa Cruz.  It was pleasing to see the rain dissipate as we journeyed further out of San Francisco.  We stepped out for a quick hike to an abandoned WW2 Military bunker that was perched precariously on the edge of a jutted rock.  Then to our disbelief we reached Pigeon Point and...SUN!  The sun came out!  The big firey ball of warmth peaked its big head out of the clouds and bathed us in its glorious golden rays for 30 whole minutes.  Luckily, we were actually at a place where we could stop and were able to get out to enjoy the sun in all its glory.  

We now sit in Santa Cruz where we'll stay the night then ride in the morning.  Stoked for more sunlight tomorrow.