When I left off, Alison and I had just arrived in Portland, Oregon.  I had stated that if the rain didn't settle down we would head straight for California.  Turns out the entirety of Oregon and northern California were being hammered with storms; in fact, the day before we had arrived, Portland had received a new record amount of rain, 'the most rainfall in a day...EVER.'  Maybe that should put into perspective the amount of precip we experienced.  I've joked about needing a boat to get out of Portland.

What I did not realize when we made it to Portland was that by skipping our two day stay in LL. Stub Stewart State Park we advanced our schedule by two days as well.  So what I had thought was going to be only a couple days stay in Portland turned into almost a week.  It rained the entire time (where's that unimpressed emoticon thing when I need it?).  I was however able to do a little work for Annalisa Fish at Endurance which kept me busy for a bit (check out her website at Annalisa and Corey Fish were two our gracious hosts during our stay, were it not for them we'd be a whole lot more wet and miserable.  

To make the story of our stay in Portland short we did almost a week in Portland, we visited Powell's City of Books, drove on the opposite side of the road on a street that I thought was a one way, was nearly t-boned then consecutively almost rear ended someone and spent all of two minutes in Voodoo Donuts.  Needless to say, as soon as a weather window appeared on the radar we packed our bags and drove like crazy to find the sun.  Let me be clear before I continue, Portland is not a bad city, though it's likely better without continuous rainfall and random one-way streets, we'd love to go back and do some more exploring.  

Here's the good part now, we made it to California!  Right around 10:00pm we crossed over into California, shortly after finding a camp spot right beside a large waterfall just off the Redwood Highway.  We saw plenty of rain and even snow as we climbed to an elevation 2060ft. We chuckled and speculated at what the other drivers thought of us as we flew past California plated cars with chains on despite the fact that the temperature was still above freezing and there was only a thin layer of slush in the center of the road, Canadian drivers, eh?

So, we woke up in California with a drastic reduction in rain and beautiful redwoods to keep us company, I think things are shaping up...