Chehalis Lake chills.

The last weekend in September, certainly one to remember.  Good friends of ours, Richard and Ashley Giordano accompanied us to Chehalis Lake, BC.  A 10km long lake nestled in the coastal mountains just West of Harrison lake in Southern BC.  Seven years ago a large piece of rock broke free sliding down the mountainside into the lake creating a 20-30 foot tsunami-like wave which obliterated the two provincial campsites at the North and South end of the lake.  Today, the Southern campsite is now recommissioned as a provincial site but the Northern site is now closed to the public; however, the close-by beach can be accessed relatively easily.

We left from our place in Abbotsford with the Giordano crew and drove North into the mountains, 1.75hrs after departure we arrived at our campsite.  The weekend offered up a chance to get a last fresh water swim in a beautiful BC lake, delicious campfire food, time with great friends and spectacular views.  It's great having friends who share the same love for the outdoors to have adventures with.

Be sure to check out Richard and Ashley's blog, wonderful people and an abundance of beautiful photographs. DESK TO GLORY

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