Yukon Nuggets

Upon waking early wed morning we were greeted by the drip drip drip of rain which had accompanied us to sleep the evening previous.  Unfortunately for us as we wrapped up posting our Day Two blog our campsite was hit with a torrential down pour.  Our mad dash of 200m to our tent from the office balcony left us thoroughly soaked.  This morning we quickly washed dishes, packed and then hit the road (I’m not a fan of putting away a wet tent).  We had agreed that we needed to cover a little more ground than the days previous to keep on schedule; our goal was to arrive somewhere between Ft. Nelson and Whitehorse.

Day three met us with some breath-taking vistas and fun roads.  About midday Alison began to get antsy, bored and a little malcontent with the amount of wildlife we had seen, which had been a solid zero.  As if on cue we came over a rise in the road and there, standing on the edge of the road, was a huge bull MOOSE MOOSE MOOSE!  An impressive sight indeed.  We shot as much footage of the beast as we could until it literally disappeared into the forest.  Not long after that we saw a family of mountain sheep, then a herd of wild bison and…a bunch of bear spottings! 

Proof that our MOOSE friend does in fact exist. Picture taken mid lunge by athletic Alison herself!

Our wildlife count thus far:

Moose: 1

Mountain sheep: 3

Bison: ugh…a lot

Bears: 6

We also spotted multiple signs for a cinnamon bun stop on the highway and HAD to stop.  It was really fun!  Old man Andrews, with his long white beard and polite jovial nature served us a fresh out of the oven sticky bun while we made acquaintances with a couple of Alaskan gold-miners, a French hitchhiker, another travelling couple and a friendly Australian cattle puppy.

Our adventure remains gun and drug free!

Our adventure remains gun and drug free!

We made a quick stop in at Liard River Hot Springs to enjoy, you guessed it, natural hot springs.  Very HOT!!! After that we made a break for the BC/Yukon border and arrived at Watson Lake where we visited the sign post forest, had an unfortunate run in with the owner of a local campsite and consequently moved further down the road to Nugget City, YT which ended up being a way nicer campsite – and sold beer.  We ate, we drank, we prayed, we slept – happy.

Made it to the Yukon baby!!