E-->D (Edmonton to Dawson Creek)

Yesterday marked our first day of road travel from Edmonton, AB to Dawson Creek, B.C.  We were blessed with a sun-shiny-daygood tuneage, and a few good stories!   


Before leaving Edmonton we met up with a guy to buy his used RODE shotgun microphone because our lapel mics didn’t come in time – and we need good sound for our doco film.  He ended up being a really cool young guy who just got off the boat (so to speak) from India where he was for 6 months shooting an adventure documentary!!  Ooo! There was lots of stuff for Alex and I to talk with him about.  So here is a shout out to Grand Trunk Road (his film).  You can watch the trailer for the film at grandtrunkfilm.com.

mmm...healthy salmon salad!

After a quick CanTire stop we headed west and had salmon salad lunch on the road on our fun camping plates.

Ah ha!  We spotted mountains on this day, and then a ginormous evil beaver in Beaverlodge, AB.

We pulled into Dawson Creek around 7:30pm, grabbed some groceries, and then settled into Mile 0 Campground for the night.  Our neighbor was a potato farmer from Idaho (classic) who is taking a few months to travel on his Enduro Bike up through the Yukon and Alaska.  Neat guy.

That’s all for today!

        Adventure on!!!